Jumat, 13 Februari 2009

Play The Pop-up Game

There are ways to increase your profits by using pop-ups as a website tool. More than likely, you have heard of pop-ups, but there is new software on the market that will amaze you. It has never been as easy to use pop-ups to market your website as it is today. You might be glad that you took a few free minutes to learn about pop-up marketing.

The new pop-up marketing software is not just your standard pop-up anymore. Today, you can market in a much less intrusive and irritating way to your customers. The prevalence of pop-up blockers in web browsers is huge and very affective. In the older days, it was a necessary tool because computers would literally freeze up because of p pop-up. Your job as a marketer is to draw in customers and keep them. However, you do not want to drive traffic away by having huge amounts of pop-up that take over their screen. When using the software, you will need to decide which type of pop-ups you want to use. Be sure to check out several of them before making a decision.

Pressure Pop-up - These types of pop-up have a countdown button that appears after your customer is on the web site for a while. The great thing about these is that they are set to give your customer time to look over the site, and will leave the screen once the count down runs out. You can put anything on your pop-up to entice customers to buy.

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