Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

Local Community Websites

Hi, my name is James Warren and i would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my experiences with my latest project.

I am building a website which is targeted to the local people of the town that i live in. The town is called Sudbury. It is in the county of Suffolk in the UK.

The purpose of the site isn't to attract people to the area or to inform people about any of the features that the town has to offer. It is all about communicating within the local community. It is my aim for the people of Sudbury to become regular users of the website. I want them to find information about local events and read reviews about the restaurants in the town and to keep visiting the website on a regular basis.

Why do you want people to keep visiting?

It is my aim to sell advertising space to local businesses and traders. This along with Google Adsence and a few Affilliate links should generate a half decent income. So with the people of Sudbury coming back time and time again, i will be in a good position to put premiums on advertising space.

The website is progressing well and i hope to launch it very soon. I will have to do a lot of marketing in the town to really promote it and get people to actually visit the site and hopefully through word of mouth and some decent press releases, i should be able to establish a good following. What do you think? Is i something that could work in your opinion? Why not have a look at the site and give some feedback.

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