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Keep Your Family Together With A Family Website

As families grow and fan out across the country, and matriarchs and patriarchs become unable to handle the responsibility of holding everyone together, it becomes more and more important to maintain communication. Life is busy. There are responsibilities of work, school, hobbies, dreams and goals. It's easy to get caught up in your own life and lose touch with cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, great aunts, grandparents, et cetera. When you start a website for your extended family, you can keep the lines of communication open and updated with ease.

Upload pictures.
Whether they are from a recent family reunion, a birthday party, or a special event like a graduation or christening that many couldn't attend, it's easy to upload pictures via your web host.

One holiday letter ONLY.
Instead of printing and mailing a ton of annual holiday letters, just upload one to your family website. Send out holiday postcards instead, if you like the mail tradition and save a ton of money on postage, cards, and envelopes.

Family reunion news and updates.
Trying to organize 50+ people who are all over the country in different times zones and varying schedules is no simple task. With a family website, you can easily communicate with everyone at once. To choose a date for your next reunion, upload a calendar and have everyone black out dates that they absolutely cannot attend. To save on supplies, put up a list of the basics that the family will need during the reunion and have everyone sign up to bring something. For example, if your reunion will be spent renting a few cottages at the beach this year, your list might include things like sunscreen, first aid kit, coffee beans, fold up beach chairs, et cetera.

Forums and blogs for updates and discussion.
Another benefit of a family website is the use of blogs and forums for the exchange of ideas. For last minute changes or a lively debate on what to get Grandma for her 80th birthday, both of these venues are perfect.

Let everyone know what's coming up: wedding, birth information, christenings, baptisms, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, et cetera. Upload lists of what the newlyweds, new parents, graduates, and birthday boys and girls may need to eliminate duplicate gifts.

Quick communication.
When a loved one is ill and in the hospital or as the birth of the latest addition progresses rapidly, it may be too much for the relatives who are present to keep the whole family updated as the situation turns. With a family website, you can upload updates within minutes of their occurrence instead of making countless phone calls every time there's a change.

Everyday, the world grows smaller but the distance between family members grows larger and larger. It is possible to fly across the country in half a day, but most of our busy schedules and tight budgets don't allow for this indulgence often. With a family website, every day can be a holiday and a family reunion is only a website away.

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