Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

Offline Advertising For Your Online Business - Cheap Strategies To Drive New Customers To Your Website

I'll tell you a secret that you can use within ten minutes that could substantially benefit your business. And it's strange because, unless you happen to live within ten minutes of me, there's no way you can compete with me or steal this almost zero cost, local traffic (and if you do live nearby, stay off my turf or I'll break your legs). You can however do exactly the same in your local area without fear of me coming round your place with hired goons and a baseball bat.

Recently, I've been getting my house renovated (if ever you wish to go grey with alarming speed, this is the way to do it). It means I've had to go to a very popular hardware store near my house countless times. This hardware store gets tens of thousands of customers every week. That's what I like to call offline traffic (there's loads of it about and pretty soon, you're going to learn how to harvest it). A while ago I noticed that this hardware store had an advertising podium on a very prolific spot near the tills. I had seen loads of people buzzing around it before, checking out the various advertisers displayed. It costs

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